AC Battery


Special battery / battery bank with built-in circuitry. This built-in circuitry automatically provides AC output by converting the DC output of the battery internally. These batteries may be used to provide portable AC output in remote locations far from the main supply reach.

Ideal for mobile, agriculture, industrial, or construction use.

Orange AC battery for construction. White AC battery for residence.


AC Battery: A complete solution with the all-in-one kit!

We know it can be a headache to set up a power system for your home or motor home, and the choice of batteries, inverters, chargers, and other components you’ll need to get up and running. PWR Energy is looking to simplify this buying experience with its new all-in-one kits. These lithium-ion upgrade kits offer you a one-stop solution to get your power system up and running quickly.

Recreational Vehicles, Vans, and Campers

ACBattery’s lithium-ion batteries for motorhomes are more durable and quiet. Our advanced lithium battery solutions for RV trailers reduce generator operating noise and minimize charging times. We can maximize charging efficiency and battery life, by selecting the best battery to your inverter/charger or solar charge controller equipment.

Overnight energy storage solution: Water pumping, refrigerator for food and medicine, lights for students

The solar energy storage system provides energy on a constant basis to vital applications to provide quality of life and security 24 hours a day. During the day the system runs on direct solar power and at night takes the energy stored in the lithium battery reserve to power devices requiring continuous charging. The clean energy continues to watch over you 24 hours a day.


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