DC battery


12, 24, or 48 VDC batteries for industrial or construction use.

Orange DC battery for construction. White DC battery for residence.


Batteries for golf carts

Golf carts are among the many vehicles that benefit from lithium-ion batteries. DC Battery offers easy-to-use LiFeP04 battery solutions for your vehicle that are superior to lead acid batteries. You benefit from less weight, more power and zero maintenance! Our Li-Ion batteries allow you to get more mileage on a single charge and stronger acceleration on hills with less charging time. They last longer, saving you money and maintenance.

Longer lasting industrial equipment without maintenance

DCBattery industrial lithium-ion battery packs were designed as a plug-and-play option for commercial and industrial electric vehicles currently using lead acid batteries. By upgrading to a 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery, for example, your vehicle will gain power and weight, while increasing hours of operation and requiring no maintenance! You’ll also increase charging speed, with no “cool down” period before recharging.




Electric potential

12 Volts

Capacity of the battery

170 AH



Life Cycles

2000 Life cycles

Power consumption 

2176 WH, 100% usable capacity. (80% depth of discharge), 

Max power

85A max, charging current


37,5 lbs


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